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Corporate, Business & Real Estate Transactions

We are your outside legal counsel; Your in-house corporate counsel;
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At Intellex Law, we represent a broad spectrum of businesses and commercial institutions and we provide a full range of legal services to our clients.  Our Corporate and Business Practice Group represent both large and small businesses, entrepreneur and individuals in corporate, business and commercial transactions of all complexities and sizes.

Specifically, we have experience and provide legal services in:

  • Corporate Law & Corporate Governance – Provide advice and legal counseling to directors & officers, attend board of directors’ meetings & draft board resolutions, LLC members’ consent, counsel, review and prepare executive compensation package, employment handbooks, confidentiality agreements and severance package agreements.
  • Emerging Companies & Entrepreneurs --  Counsel on choice of business entities & formations, including incorporations, pre-incorporation agents’ duties and ratifications, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances; Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, LLC Operating Agreements, Partners/Shareholder/Directors’ Resolutions, Consents & Actions; Corporate Governance, Organizational Documents & Officers’ Certificates.
  • Business & Commercial Transactions -- Contracts formation, drafting & negotiations with specificity to marketing, consulting, OEM, software development, prototype development, reseller, agency agreements, distributor (national and international), telecommunications, software support, hardware maintenance, compensation, independent contractors, service provider, B2B commerce, procurement, credit line, confidentiality, non-disclosure & non-compete agreements, vendors, distributorship and franchise agreements, including compliance and termination issues; commissioned work-made-for-hire agreement, publication and publishing agreements.
  • Restaurants & Hospitality Services – Our interdisciplinary legal services counsel and represent our restaurant and hospitality clients on structuring new businesses for optimum financial advantages, shared location agreements, state and local governments regulatory planning, development, public health permits, procurement of Washington State Liquor License and assist in administrative hearings before the State Liquor Control Board, review and negotiate leases, counsel clients on trademark, advertising, e-commerce and brand development and protect matters,  immigration and employees and labor-related issues, as well in civil litigation, arbitration and mediation matters.
  • Business Strategic Alliance, Mergers and Acquisitions – asset purchase and sales, stock purchase and sales, due diligence and strategies for intellectual property matters in business transactions, strategic alliances, split-up, assignment & assumption,  dissolution, merger, sale, and reorganization of businesses, bill of sales; legal opinion
  • Real Estate Transactions – Land & property acquisition, purchase and sale, commercial leasing, subleasing, lease termination, lease assignments; easement and entitlements, land use, zoning, boundary line adjustment, state and local environmental regulations and project permitting processes, project development and construction matters; compliance with federal, state, county and local government agencies administrative rules and regulations.
  • International Trade & Transactions – U.S. Import-Export, U.S. Custom matters and Cross-cultural trade and business negotiations & African Trades & Transactions.

At Intellex Law we give your case the individual, focused attention necessary to reach the desired result

Our Staff and Attorneys speak Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, Arabic Hindi, and Korean.
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