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Contracts & Licensing

Licensing provides the best means to expand a company's business opportunities and profits.
 But licensing a valuable corporate asset, such as its intellectual property rights, presents unique
issues which, if not properly addressed, may result in its loss, depreciation or dissipation.

Complex issues also arise when licensing on the web, where business opportunities are
abundant but fraught with risks as well.

Our attorneys are experienced in the complexities of intellectual property licensing.  

We represent and counsel companies, institutions and individuals on matters relating to: Trademark and Copyright & Patents Licensing; Structure on-line licensing agreements; drafting software development agreements; content, Technology and software licensing; Informational, marketing, advertising and co-branding license agreements; Music and arts licensing, Structuring B2B and international technology transfers agreements.

At Intellex Law we give your case the individual, focused attention necessary to reach the desired result

Our Staff and Attorneys speak Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, Arabic Hindi, and Korean.
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